• Promotion of Subsistent farming
  • Promotion of integrated food security programmes
  • Promotion of organic farming
  • Conservation of indigenous seed varieties
  • Promotion of medicinal plants
  • Organic Marketing outlet
  • Promotion of animal husbandry
  • Value addition programmes
  • Awareness Trainings and Capacity Building Programmes
  • Research and Publications

Agriculture Development and Animal Husbandry

Agriculture and Animal husbandry development programmes are initiated by Shreyas since 1979, as most of the partner families fall under the category of small and marginal farmers. We focus on developing indigenous technologies for promoting sustainable agriculture. Shreyas promoted organic farming practices among the partner families. At present this department is working in collaboration with the Natural Resource Management department of Shreyas.


  • To promote sustainable agriculture practices
  • To promote the linkages and collaboration with agriculture department
  • To strengthen the farm clubs
  • To undertake participatory technology development
  • To document and disseminate the learning and knowledge among the farmers

Our Core Areas

At Shreyas we always strive to reach the unreached in the society and give them a helping hand.

Youth & Child Development

We are participating the youth and children in the social reconstruction process.

Family Development

Poverty is the worst form of social evil and one of the burning issues in our country.

Gender in Development

This Department is another key area of our intervention in ensuring the equal participation of both.

Disaster Management

At Shreyas we are always ready to battle disasters disregard to it's magnitude

Human Resource Development

The Well-furnished Training and Research Centre of Shreyas and the trained resource persons enabled us.

Natural Resource Management

We realize that it's crucial to protect the environment.

Community Based Organizations and Swashraya Nidhi

Platforms for the people to assemble, develop, strengthen and exploit internal and external resource for sustainable development.

Agriculture Development and Animal Husbandry

We focus on developing indigenous technologies for promoting sustainable agriculture.

Tribal Development Programme

Today, the existence of tribal is questioned due to the necessary social evils like capitalism, consumerism and migration in large number.

Entreprenurship Development

The department takes systematic effort and enables the trained women to find alternative sources of supplementary income.

Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability

Promotional activities for the betterment of these groups by collaborating them with Government programmes.

Shreyas Educational Support Scheme-SESS

The SESS funds are locally mobilized from our structure and used to support the education of the under privileged children.